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Coffe table

Terra coffee tables are a reference to the natural forms of the terrain. The geological shape is inspired by the true shape of the earth. Form known, but still leaving a lot of room for own interpretation. Our Terra tables are characterized by the use of plywood as a base. It gives a visual effect of the actual geological cross-section. The use of wood warms the table top and adds naturalness. We gave up shaping the deep contours imitating height maps and instead we used the advantages of the material we work with. Shape is natural while dense contour lines are formed by plywood layers. For the counterweight on the other hand its design refers to the classic isobaths used in bathymetry for writing depth. Everything has been preserved with high quality resin. We will be happy to realize other color combinations. Presented basis is an example. It is available in powder coated and rust-effect version. We have more models of bases to choose from.

Standard dimensions: 1200 x 710 x  65 mm

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